Learning and Remembering

Ancient Egypt for Children ensures that pupils have fun whilst learning. Our teaching gives them the knowledge and understanding of what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt.


We use a variety of methods, offering a more inclusive form of teaching, this includes items of egyptian artifacts and emblems they can touch and admire bringing to life the people who would use them. This teaching approach is particularly designed to let them remember what they hear and see.


Our worksheets apply their learning in a practical way.Using egyptian maths, writing,spelling and geography to enable a cross cirriculum study which all schools like to adhere to. The teacher's role here is to provide inspiration and encourage the pupils to create their own drawings and writings at a later stage.


Heiroglyphics were an essential part of ancient egypt, children learn the symbols and can create their own documents, write their name and even compose letters.

Egyptian maths allow chidren to make simple addition, multiplication,subtraction and division using the symbol based tables.

Geography is so important as a teaching tool, we therefore teach them where is Egypt and the countries which border it and the historical attachment to Ancient Egypt

Picture gallery: some of the things we will learn in pictures



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